Executive Summary

The Zarouni Group of Companies are a well reputed organization with our offices located in the heart of the Middle East business hub in Dubai.The group has outstanding performance and track records purely achieved by simply understanding the exact needs and requirements of its customers, through our ability to secure the products required by our customers we have established long term business links with these customers and with our policy of total transparency backed with our professional approach these customers return to Zarouni Petroleum.

The Group focuses are on Energy, Energy products and commodities, The Group has a constant approach to expansion and along with our policies we aim to guarantee for the many years ahead success both locally and Internationally.


The companies have started activities from 2007 mainly focusing in trading and have grown steadily through a strong customer demand. Today the Group has much more than trading in its sights. The company is on an expansion path on all its Energy and Oil & Gas activities and it is uniquely positioned to deliver the needs of its customers.


Our Approach

Our approach has been to create strategic tie ups with strong players in the market both locally and internationally to enable delivery of products and services to its clientele. Through these partnerships, we have access to a wide range of geographically spread customers as well as know-how and expertise.We will endeavour to expand this network horizontally and vertically in the specialist energy markets as well as geographically.

Our experience in the trading markets has led us to believe that there are many unhappy suppliers and customers in the trading business worldwide, with many failed transactions. Therefore, as policy we ensure that we only present our business partners with safe workable procedures that ensure safety, transparency and reliability. All transactions and contracts we undertake will have no risk for either side and will follow sound business practices.

Our Value

We understand the pains and risks involved in high value commodities trading and safe-trade is at the heart of our operations. Whether we deal with Steel, Petroleum Products or minerals our approach is ensure that all sides in a transaction are completely safe and in control. Our partners and customers rely on us because of our ability to properly mitigate risk and for being able to formulate creative and effective solutions that deliver results. We ensure that our customers are well maintained and as a result we are the preferred source of supply for most our customers.


Petroleum Trading

Being in the Middle East has allowed us to expand our activities to petroleum business and today we have access to some of the main players in the region and worldwide. We are able to procure and supply some of the mainstream petroleum products such as

  • Crude Oil
  • Heavy Fuel Oil
  • Gas Oil
  • Base Oil
  • LPG

As well as Petrochemicals and some niche petroleum products.

Commodities Trading

The commodities trading side of the Group was the first to establish itself in the Steel and Rubber industries. With further expansion, today we are able to offer a range of chemical and mineral products such as

  • Iron Ore
  • Coal
  • Chrome Ore
  • Urea
  • Edible Oils

Petroleum Processing

In 2014, the Group identified a large gap in the market between some low quality petroleum products abundantly available in the market and high quality products required by our clients. To address this issue, the Group is active in setting up a processing plant in order to improve the quality of petroleum products.

Although the project is currently in its early stages, we have been able to identify the essential elements to execute this project in the shortest time possible. We shall be making some details of our Processing Project public soon.

Shipping & Logistics

The Group currently has 3 small petroleum vessels operating in the region. We plan to expand our logistics operations by increasing the vessel fleet to increase capacity as well as the type of cargo being shipped.



Al Maysor GT is the backbone of the Group, handling financial affairs on behalf of the Group. Last year the Group’s turnover was well above XXXXXXX.

We bank with well-established Banks in the UAE and in the region and we have a clear path of expanding our banking network to other territories in order to provide our business partners with the best possible solutions.